The APROPO Technology is characterized by two outstanding features:
The high level of technical information and the independancy of product and processes. This helps you configure your products in a very smart and powerful way.

Production planning

  • Process related resourcing of material
  • Material, personnel and machine capacity demands for each planning level
  • Two stage capacity check for timing allocation of required resources
  • Bill of material, tools, inspection devices, supplies etc.
  • Specification of co-products
  • Automatic production planning


  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual start and stop of production
  • External production with incoming and outgoing goods integrated
  • Processing of formulas and functions
  • Parallel use of one machine for several jobs
  • Computation of processing times and production process costs
  • Production history

Work Processes

  • Prescriptions, drawings, documents, references
  • Technical parameters with nominasl and tolerances
  • Feedback by with evaluation of formulas and functions
  • Machine preconfiguration
  • Measurement preconfiguration
  • Processes with several phases
  • Parallel processes


  • Technologies/Processes can be configured independent of the product
  • Product-dependent bill of material, supplies and tools
  • Assign technologies - products
  • Parameters with nominals and tolerances: Apply to compositions, sensor system, interfaces, background computations, QA evaluations and more
  • Analytical calculation of production costs and product price
  • Protection for qualified products
  • Order-specific changes of bills of material and process features

Quality assurance

  • Sampling rules
  • Freely definable quality characteristics and inspection instructions
  • US american FDA rules, Part 11
  • Inspection tools management
  • Analysis of variance, target/actual performance comparison
  • Extensive statistics


APROPO XLS updates nominals and other values from the current lot and writes them to EXCEL worksheets. After production the relevant information is given back to APROPO.


  • Purchase orders with graded approval
  • Order planning and frame contracts
  • Multi-stage goods receipt and goods issue
  • Supplier management
  • Batch tracing, picking and consignment
  • Multi currency system
  • Inventory management with up-to-date overview
  • Bottleneck monitoring and thershold values
  • Manual and periodoc stock inventory
  • Barcode system and label printing


  • Management of customers
  • Customer frame contracts with call-offs and histories
  • Pre and post calculation for production lots
  • Clarification, invoice and shipping
  • Claim processing


  • Enterprise data management
  • Personnel administration with shift scheduling and holiday times
  • Machine licences and access rights
  • Calibration of machines and tools, certificates, stand still times
  • Product revisions
  • In house training administration
  • Document management
  • Project management

Financial Accounting

  • Financial Data: accounts, cost categories, cost centers, rates
  • General ledger for several transactions
  • Current financial status
  • Currency converter
  • Payables and recievables
  • Comfortable and analytical calculation and pricing
  • Profit and loss account, balance sheet
  • etc.

Capacity Planning

  • Automatic allocation of machinery and human resources
  • Foreward and backward scheduling
  • Automatic adjustment according to the current process stop times
  • Manual editing of lot, process and scheduling data via drag&drop
  • Fixing of jobs (not to be influenced by automatic adjustment)
  • Parallel production: splitting of processes to multiple machines
  • Overlapping production: consideration of overlapping times
  • Calendar function including shift operation: work schedules and holiday planning, machine maintenance
  • Conflict management
  • Earliest possible delivery date at a glance
  • etc.


  • Produced and shipped quantities
  • Scrap analysis and standstill times
  • Protocol and Excel values
  • Material consumption
  • Production cost, cost planning, material cost etc.
  • Processing time
  • ...